Actions: Committee Meeting #2 Monday, 12/12/2016 (7pm) Watling Way Centre


Present Absent
NF:  Nyomie Flecknell (Chair)

JS:  Joy Sumner (Secretary)

RA:  Roy Adams (Treasurer)

MA:  Mick Allsopp

DaT: David Tavener

DoT: Doug Titchmarsh




Action On? Date Set Update
Handover discussion for relevant communications Doug T/ Dave T 2016-11-30 Done
Update the constitution as noted in minutes Joy S 2016-11-30 Done
Discuss registering GHRA with the council Nyomie F 2016-11-30 On going
Investigate possibilities for a GHRA domain Doug T 2016-11-30 Done
Investigate options for a GHRA bank account Roy A 2016-11-30 On going
Find volunteers for court reps Dave T 2016-11-30 On going
Scan and circulate email with first copy of Noose Mick A 2016-11-30 Carried over
Send around date of next SSTC meeting Mick A 2016-11-30 Done: Jan 17th
For General Meeting of GHRA, make a list to see if there is interest in a children’s club Nyomie F 2016-11-30 Not before Jan ‘17
Talk to Sue about the potential for using the school in the summer Nyomie F 2016-11-30 Not before Jan ‘17
Investigate possible funding for a GH party for MK’s 50th. Mick A 2016-11-30 Carried over
Book venue for next meeting Mick A 2016-11-30 Done
Update on discussions with Council about making a bench for GH from the tree felled from GH. Mick A 2016-11-30 Done
Will send around brief details of Metro Bank Account Roy 2016-12-07
Will send details of online log in for email Doug 2016-12-07
Book meeting rooms Mick 2016-12-07
Circulate minutes Joy 2016-12-07
Circulate scan of Metro bank details provided by Roy Joy 2016-12-07
Document pack needed to be produced and provided to the Court Reps (inc. minutes/agenda of meetings) Dave 2016-12-07
Look into use of Mail Chimp Doug/Dave 2016-12-07