GHRA Offer Council Alternative Plans For The Estate

Following the MK Councils poorly received proposal, as previously reported, Galley Hill Residents Association have put forward proposals they hope will be more acceptable to residents and other stakeholders. Here are the counter proposals in full.


We are asking residents to complete a second survey on how they would feel about these proposals at . If you are a Galley Hil resident or an affected stakeholder then please fill the form ASAP.

GHRA Monthly Meeting

This evening (20th July) is the monthly GHRA resident’s meeting where amongst other topics we will be discussing further the proposals from MKCC to undertake significant developments on Galley Hill and reflecting on the responses provided at recent SSTC and MKCC meetings.

The meeting is open to all, please join us 7-8pm at the Galley Hill Meeting Place above the shop.

Picture from last night’s MKCC meeting with representation from residents, GHRA, SSTC, House of Champions Ministries (The Church)

MKCC Proposal Survey Results

Survey Questions and results from over 200 respondents. 16/7/23

1) Are you happy for GHRA to represent you whilst negotiating this with MKCC?
Yes 96%

2) Do you agree with change of occupancy for Arts Centre and Small Meeting Place to accommodate two charities for use as distribution centres?
No 97%

3) Do you agree with change of use to the Professional Development Centre as a new school for teenage pupils with High Complex Needs?
No 82%

4) Do you agree with redevelopment of the Watling Way Centre (currently occupied by Walnuts Care) and demolition of the swimming pool?
No 86%

5) Do you agree with the new retail park consisting of a low-cost supermarket and drive thru being inserted onto green space between the school playing field and H1 Ridgeway?
No 95%

In light of the Galley Hill residents and stakeholders rejection MKCC have presented us with a revised proposal. 18/7/23

If you would like to be kept informed of the correspondence with MKCC on this topic please email and you will be BCC on every email between us, this will include revised proposals.

GHRA And MK Council Negotiations Break Down

The ongoing discussions and negotiations between Galley Hill Residents Association and MK Council over the refurbished Community Building (Former Arts Centre) have been ended by the MKC. In an announcement which shocked the GHRA the Council ended negotiations recently. Further to this MKC have announced plans to change the usage of other community buildings and also to build on green space by the school and Watling Way pool.

GHRA are questioning the proposals alone seem to have any benefit for Galley Hill Residents. The Chair Of GHRA has released the following statement following a meeting with the committee, members of the church and local shop owner. The ward Councillors were also in attendance. TheChair statement s in PDF format below


The GHRA committee has put together the following concise document to outline the MKC proposals along with their comments on each one.


The GHRA are going to put out a survey soon as the MK Council have put a short time frame for a meeting to discuss the proposals at a Council meeting and GHRA want to be able to put forward conter proposal an residents concerns. See the poster below.


Please look out for the survey online and give your feedback ASAP. Thanks

GHRA June Meeting

Bee Lewis and Rob Middleton of MKCC shared proposals for development on Galley Hill that surprised residents.

See MKCC proposals here.

GHRA will be seeking ALL residents views on the proposals to feedback to MKCC, let us know what you think by email to or leave a message on our answerphone 01908 973073.

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