GHRA needs your help

Can we ask a couple of favours from everyone, please?
As you see from the newsletter, we are trying to persuade Milton Keynes Council to allocate money in this year’s budget to repair and renovate the Community Centre, so that can be used for community use.
First favour: Please can you email to point out that their draft budget has forgotten to include any funds for the Galley Hill Community Centre, pointing out that it has just been left to deteriorate for the past three years since the Arts Centre was closed. Also can you encourage others to email, please? It might be an idea to copy in the leader of the Council – ( and the official in charge of budget scrutiny –  ( into the emails to add to the pressure.

2nd favour : On Tuesday night, the Stony Stratford Town Council meets (virtually) at 7 o’clock. The first 15 minutes are allocated to members of the public to raise any issues. Paul Randall is going to use this time to ask SSTC to write to Milton Keynes Council  to allocate funds for the community centre. It would be very helpful if as many people as possible  could also join the meeting to support what Paul has to say. You won’t have to stay for the whole meeting – you can click out after the first 15 minutes  once the matter has been discussed.

To arrange to join the meeting, as a member of the public, please contact
Many thanks

The GHRA Committee