One thought on “Fullers Slade Regeneration Options”

  1. Dear All,
    Please see copy of e mails sent to our MK Councillors several weeks ago, and to date none of the requests or issues raised have been actioned by our 3 MK councillors.I ve had a lot of feedback from FSRA / GHRA and town councillors.Does anyone have any ideas about how to get a response?I don’t consider these requests to demanding and frankly cant understand why i have seen nothing from Charlie ,Jennifer ,or Anne.

    Dear Councillors ,David , Bianca and Lynne
    Please find attached copies of a letter sent by a Flitton Ct resident Mr Short to the council in 2006 along with a reply from the then leader of the council Isobel McCall.This refers to his objection to the Fullers Slade regeneration project in 2006 His letter states very clearly the worries and concerns we all had and the time, and a lot of extremely good reasons why this should not go ahead, these are now again valid in 2019.The reply and apology from the then leader acknowledges that the council considered they had been remiss not to allow us full involvement in the consultation, and not allowing us this involvement including a vote a lot sooner.This appears to be the case again.
    I am asking you to put the case to who ever you consider has the power needed, to allow Galley Hill residents or at the very least Flitton Ct residents to vote in any more upcoming meetings and ballots etc as option 3 now seriously affects us as the council has redrawn the red line .If you feel you are unable to do this or get a satisfactory answer please let me know the name of the person and their position who is able to make this decision, so that i/we can approach direct.
    I feel sure as our Councillors you will do your best and look forward to your response.
    Yours Sincerely
    Paul Randall Flitton Ct Resident

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