Help Needed to Find Former Residents

The GHRA recently received the following from a TV producer looking for help. If you can help please contact us and we will pass on any information.

I work for a television company called Transparent TV. We are currently making a documentary about the history of social housing for Channel 5 presented by Michael Portillo.
> I would be incredibly grateful if you could help please. I am trying to track down former residents of Willey Court on the Galley Hill Estate. They were called the King family, they were photographed with Margaret Thatcher as they were some of the first people to go for the Right to Buy scheme. I am attaching a picture.
> Apparently they have moved on from Willey Court. But to track them down it would be really helpful to know their first names. Might you be able to help with this please? Is there an old register? Or a long- time resident who has been living at Willey Court since 1979?
> Here is an article that refers to the family:
> Thank you so much for your time,
> Best wishes,
> Anna
> Producer
> Transparent TV
> 1-3 St Peter’s Street
> Islington
> London
> N1 8JD

Thanks, the GHRA committee.

Beware Criminals Again!

As the new year gets going, we wish all the residents of Galley Hill and everywhere else a great 2018.

Unfortunately we have to report that some terrible people have found their way to our area again. We are letting you know so you can be aware and take precautions to remain safe.

The first and possibly most terrible thing we have to report is that an elderly lady was mugged on the Red Routes around Galley Hill. A cyclist rode past her, then came back from behind and took her bag. Fortunately the lady concerned is, despite being small in stature, a tough cookie and while the incident upset her she is physically unharmed and won’t let this stop her being out and about. Another plus in this case is that the police quickly found and caught the mugger.

A second incident involved theft of tools from a van. The vehicle was broken into overnight and a number of tools taken.

A third incident involved an attempt to gain entry to a house on Galley Hill. The potential burglary involved using a flat blade, possibly a screwdriver, to attempt to force open a doir to the property, luckily in this case the attempt was unsuccessful.

Finally we have been made aware of a scam by our neighbours over at Fullers Slade. Helen from Fullers sent me the following after somebody tried this recently.

“Hi all just to remind you all to please ask for ID from anyone that knocks on your door as it came to our ATTENTION that there has been someone going around saying they are working on behalf of the council. If you are not sure about them then close the door, ask them to wait while you phone the company they claim to be from. If this person is GENUINE they will wait, if they go then please report it to the company they say they’re from

While these incidents seem to be on the rise there is no need to worry unnecessarily, just be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police. As always, lock all doors and windows if you are away from your house for any length of time, make it as difficult as possible for these people to gain access to your property. Keep an eye out for each other and stay safe.

Thanks for your support, the Galley Hill Residents Association Committee.