Updates On This Weeks Meetings (SSTC & GHRA)

What a week for the GHRA and the people of Galley Hill, with two meetings in one week held in the small meeting place above the shop. The first meeting was of the Stony Stratford Town Council (SSTC) on 18th July 2017, and represented the first time the council have met at Galley Hill since the GHRA was formed. We asked for people from Galley Hill to attend to show the Councillors that we care what is happening to our area, and you did it! The public area of the meeting place was full, and mostly with residents of Galley Hill, so thank you all for turning up.

During the 15 minutes of public questions we had some Galley Hill residents ask some questions of the SSTC including the following

  • What is being done about the roads and Red routes around Galley Hill with regard to potholes and bumps from tree routes.
  • What can be done about the residents who are antisocial, and leave rubbish outside their properties for the whole week before collection day etc.
  • Speeding and parking around the area, and particularly the local school
  • What can they do to help with regard to overgrown trees and bushes.
  • Councillor for Galley Hill, Paul Bartlett, was asked by our Chairperson, Nyomie, to meet with herself and Mick Allsopp when he is in the area to discuss him getting more involved with the GHRA to liaise with them to discuss local concerns.

Unfortunately their answers were probably not what we would like to hear, with most being referred to the Milton Keynes Council or the MK Parks Trust. There was some hope though as they are looking at adding extra funds for path weeding (MK Council have cut this from 3 times yearly to once a year and SSTC are looking to fund an extra time) but that may incur an extra council tax hike. They are also looking to purchase a speed detecting and warning sign which can be moved around the areas under SSTC control, which could be used around Galley Hill at times.

I don’t think the SSTC Councillors were used to having so many people at a meeting, and didn’t take kindly to being interrupted during their portion of the meeting., which had to be stopped on more than one occasion to allow the public to speak, and when they were asked to speak up so their citizens could hear what they were discussing.

The GHRA public meeting on Thursday 20th July 2017 was also very well attended, as has become the norm for these meetings, and thanks go out once again to those who attended and raised the issues and possible solutions as appropriate.
Following the usual Health and Safety briefing and introductions we heard a report from Mick Allsopp on the SSTC meeting mentioned above. Mick was his usual passionate self, and gave a good account of what was discussed for anyone who hadn’t been there, and added his own positive outlook to the proceedings. Mick pointed out that the SSTC do work very hard for the area, but also get frustrated at how long some things take to deal with, and the reductions in funding which affect local services.

Also on the agenda were

  • Moving the noticeboard, which has been agreed in principal for a while but is awaiting the permit which requires funding.
  • The Vice Chair position which was due to be voted on has had to be put back to the next public meeting in September (21st Sept at the Small Meeting Place) this was because of a lack of volunteers and because some committee members were unable to attend
  • In a shock announcement Nyomie Flecknell announced her intention to step down as GHRA Chair, which also throws the vote into disarray as we will need both a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

It was noted that the coffee mornings are going very well, and that a few Stony In Bloom awards were given out for gardens in Galley Hill, so well done to all who received an award, and let’s see if we can get even more next year.  The issue of speeding and parking was brought up and the SSTC sign (see above) was mentioned in response.

The GHRA Treasurer, Roy Adams, gave an update of the current funds held by the GHRA. The figures were encouraging and should be in the minutes which will be posted here as soon as we have them prepared. Roy has been working hard behind the scenes, and applied for grants from the Council of £400 to fund some events later on, and also another of £1,500 for the tree carving which has been discussed previously.

Events were discussed, with a previously proposed Gardens and Courts competition postponed until next year as we have missed the best part of the year for gardens. Due to funding issues and insurance requirements the proposed disco and picnics have been placed on hold possibly until next year too, with some feeling that maybe we were too ambitious in our first year (but ambition leaves us something to aim for too). A carol singing event is still on the cards for anyone wishing to help organise it, or sing for an evening or two in December around the courts of Galley Hill.

Overall both meetings were mainly positive, and well attended by GH residents. The GHRA needs your help to find new committee members to fill the Chair and Vice Chair roles, please get your nominations in by 21st August for a public vote to be held during the meeting on 21st September 2017.

Thank you if you managed to read this far, and a big thank you for all your support, GHRA would not exist without it.
The Galley Hill Residents Association committee members.

GHRA & Local Council Meetings

We just wanted to take a little time to remind you all that this coming week (commencing 17/7/17) we have two important meetings for the residents of Galley Hill, and we would like to see as many people as possible at both of them.

The first is a meeting of the Stony Stratford Town Council on Tuesday 18/7/17 at the Small Meeting Place (above the local shop) from 7pm. Please come to this meeting to have your say while the local Councillors who represent you are there to hear you.

The second meeting is our own Galley Hill Residents Association meeting on Thursday 20/7/17 at the small meeting place, at 7 pm. Again we would like to see as many of the residents of Galley Hill there as we will be voting on a new Vice Chairperson since Mick Allsopp has stepped down from the role.

The Committee of the GHRA