Galley Hill Residents Association Update 1

Update 1

Those of you with good memories might recall an attempt in 2013 to form a Galley Hill Residents Association. Several of us still think this is a good idea as Galley Hill is looking tired and could do with some TLC.

Mick Allsopp ( Galley Hill Ward Councillor   SSTC ) is organising a meeting at The Galley Hill Small Meeting Place (above the shop) on Thursday the 17th of November at 19:00 to see if we can form a committee to take this forward. Please come along and join us or email to indicate your support if you are unable to attend due to other commitments.

Things we would like to do. (have we missed anything?)

  • discourage noise and antisocial behaviour, let’s be good neighbours    


  • litter, let’s keep Galley Hill in good repair and tidy it will enhance our properties value


  • neighbourhood watch in each court would lower our insurance bills, we also need to discourage drug and alcohol abuse (discarded needles observed in bushes)


  • park your car on your drive, be considerate (don’t risk blocking an ambulance or fire engine)  


  • the grass-crete verge has not been maintained and is failing suggest when council repairs they extend to provide additional parking spaces


  • encourage authorities to trim overgrown trees damaging pathways and blocking street lighting


  • repair and restore each court play area
  • repair and restore Galley Hill meeting place and workshops