MKCC Proposal Survey Results

Survey Questions and results from over 200 respondents. 16/7/23

1) Are you happy for GHRA to represent you whilst negotiating this with MKCC?
Yes 96%

2) Do you agree with change of occupancy for Arts Centre and Small Meeting Place to accommodate two charities for use as distribution centres?
No 97%

3) Do you agree with change of use to the Professional Development Centre as a new school for teenage pupils with High Complex Needs?
No 82%

4) Do you agree with redevelopment of the Watling Way Centre (currently occupied by Walnuts Care) and demolition of the swimming pool?
No 86%

5) Do you agree with the new retail park consisting of a low-cost supermarket and drive thru being inserted onto green space between the school playing field and H1 Ridgeway?
No 95%

In light of the Galley Hill residents and stakeholders rejection MKCC have presented us with a revised proposal. 18/7/23

If you would like to be kept informed of the correspondence with MKCC on this topic please email and you will be BCC on every email between us, this will include revised proposals.