Galley Hill Bad News Good News

It might seem that lately all we hear is bad news around our estate. Recently more cars have been broken into, we have heard of more houses being burgled, more antisocial behaviour around Galley Hill. Yes, we are afraid that all this is true and all we can do is work together as a community to keep an eye on each other, and watch fir suspicious activity, and help out where we can by reporting it when we spot it.

Having passed on the negativity to all who read this, let’s talk about the positives we have too. Recently somebody on Galley Hill got a stolen bicycle back after posting about the theft in our Facebook group, Friends Of Galley Hill.┬áPeople are also using the social media pages to alert others of suspicious activity and strangers in the area. Working together we can help to prevent these terrible things from happening (see the links to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme for Galley hill available above this post).

As I walked around the area recently with our dog, it struck me what a beautiful area we live in too. It inspired me to write about the bad so we can also recognise the good stuff and to share the following pictures to prove we do have positives to be proud of..
















As you can see, we do live in a beautiful area, one which we can be proud of, and we should all work together to keep it this way!

If you have any stories, or pictures of the area around Galley Hill to share with us, please get in touch so we can put them here for all of our neighbours to see.