Over Priced Roof Repairs

At least four residents of Galley Hill have recently received invoices from Milton Keynes Council for £11,250 for the roof repairs that MKC carried out on some of the blocks of flats on the estate two years ago. Cllr Roy Adams was assured back in 2019 that those residents affected by this would be asked to pay a maximum of £10,000 and would be given easy terms on which to pay any such bills. He has now taken up the matter with MKC again and would like to hear from any other residents who have received similar invoices from MKC. If you have, please email him at roy.adams@stonystratford.gov.uk

2 thoughts on “Over Priced Roof Repairs”

  1. I have received such a bill.
    I would draw attention to the following:
    1. I submitted estimates from other independent roofers at the time they sent out the notification. These estimates were £15k-£20K cheaper than the council estimate. They took no notice.
    2. The law says that if the council has waited more than 18 months after becoming liable to invoice the leaseholders the debt is not enforceable.
    Please look up section 20B Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.
    Email the council and ask when the council became liable for the payment. I have and am awaiting a reply.
    A Tier one tribunal may well side with leaseholders on the unreasonableness of the sum demanded and/or judge the invoices to be out of time.
    Get together and secure legal advice.

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