2017 and Galley Hill Residents Association

As 2017 starts, we at the Galley Hill Residents Association are looking forward to this being the year that the residents come together as a community, and make the area known as Galley Hill a better place for all of us to live in and enjoy. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though let’s take a look back at the GH of old with this link to a letter which was sent to a local paper by Galley Hill Resident Doreen Tidy.
his letter mentions the old newsletter “The Noose” which we have a copy of and here is how it used to look (we hope to resurrect The Noose to help keep people in Galley Hill informed alongside this website)

The Noose

So that was the past, what are we looking to do for our future?

Firstly we have formed the committee, and have sent the required forms to the Milton Keynes Council to be recognised as a Residents Association which will give us as a community a little more clout when dealing with the various council departments to get things done!

There is a meeting upcoming in January which you will get details of in a letter delivered by your local court reps, once we have the complete list we will post here for all to see who those court reps are and which court they represent. The meeting will be a chance for you to get to know your Galley Hill Residents Association Committee members and hopefully your court reps.

The big news for all Milton Keynes residents this year is the 50th anniversary of MK being taken from an idea to actual buildings, and as one of the first areas to be built in the new town we feel that Galley Hill should be right there among the celebrations. With that in mind we are hoping to get a bench made from the old tree which fell in the  “new” play area last year. Hopefully that will be just the start of the Galley Hill celebrations, keep an eye here for more details of plans and how you can get involved.

In the meantime, happy new year from the Committe of the Galley Hill Residents Association, we look forward to your support and help in 2017.

Nyomie Flecknell – GHRA Chairperson
Mick Allsop – GHRA Vice Chairperson
Joy Sumner – GHRA Secretary
Roy Adams -GHRA Treasurer