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Great News For Galley Hill Community Centre

Under pressure from GHRA Milton Keynes Council agree to spend £390,000 to renovate the Community Centre.
Following representations from residents on Galley Hill led by GHRA spokesman Paul Randall, Stony Stratford Town Councillor Roy Adams, GHRA chair David Taverner and GHRA committee member Sue Fitch, Pete Marland, Leader of Milton Kes Council announced at the full MK Council meeting on Wednesday 24th February that MKC will spend £390,000 to renovate the Community Centre on Galley Hill.It has been three years since the former Arts Centre part of the building was closed, and since then, the council had repeatedly said that they would look to renovate the building and bring it back to community use. Following complaints by residents in the recent MK budget consultation that the community centre renovation had been “missed out” from the budget numbers, Paul Randall  lobbied Stony Stratford Town Council sucessfully to write to Milton Keynes Council to ask for funding for the community centre.
Paul, Roy, David and Sue gave advance notice of “questions from members of the public” about the funding on  order paper of the MK Council’s meeting on Wednesday night. At the start of the debate on the budget , Peter Marland announced that funding would be made available.  
All GHRA’s hard work in this area has finally paid off!

Thank you to all involved and everyone who supported the GHRA by filling in the recent survey and helping apply pressure on MKC.

Galley Hill Residents Association Awarded Gold Level Accreditation

Thanks to the hard working guys and girls behind the scenes GHRA has been awarded a Gold Accreditation by Milton Keynes Council. Key members of the committee have been working hard to put all the pieces in place to receive this award, and a cash grant which accompanies it which will be used to help the community in Galley Hill.

Here is the certificate we have received


Well done to everyone who helped to achieve this award