Galley Hill Residents Association Gardening Club

A lot has been happening with our gardening club. We have been working with our little ones at school to plant a bed near the fence and make a sensory garden and maze. They’ve been hard at work helped by staff Lisa & Sue and GHGC member Sally 

Working hard to improve our local School St. Mary St. Giles
Pretty flowers along the school fence, with help from St, Mary St. Giles Pupils

GHGC members Peter & Genghis sorting out the front garden to make it a cottage garden and wildflower garden combined for our pollinators 

Helping the plants to get started with some fresh compost soil.

We’ve just started planting under the street signs with winter flowering plants and a lot of spring bulbs

Planting under the Creslow Court Sign
Planting under the street signs for the courts in Galley Hill (Cottesloe Court)

The plan is to plant under all our street signs and could I please ask if anyone is happy to help plant and also maintain the planting in their court to let me know. Thank you to GHRA for funding this and supporting us and SSIB for their support and encouragement. 
Thank you