GHRA Agenda For General Meeting on 19-8-2022

Agenda General Meeting

Thursday, 19th August 2021 (7pm) at the Galley Hill Small Meeting Place above the shop

we will also attempt to share this meeting via zoom 

  1. Welcome and H&S. (please turn off mobiles)
  1. Apologies: Roy A
  1. Formal approval of previous minutes  (online here  )
  1. Items for discussion
  1. GHRA Gardening Club (Anu)
  2. Rats & poison (follow manufacturer advice)
  3. Litter Picks (we need a volunteer to coordinate)
  4. Ideas For New Centre Needs (redeveloped Arts centre)
  5. discuss request to expand Caterpillar park for older children
  1. Local activities
  2. Galley Hill 50 update (Laura)
  1. Funding
  2. Update provided by Roy
  1. Events

      a)    Quiz night 

Note: MKC requires evidence in future minutes confirming decisions to approve funding events.

  1. Communications
  1. Galley Hill Newsletter
  2. Facebook, website etc.  
  1. AOB

Will the September meeting be a brainstorming special for Court reps?

  1. Date of next meeting 16th September  2021