Galley Hill and Fullers Slade Nature Reserve

We have had a plea for help to build a nature reserve for Galley Hill and Fullers Slade residents to enjoy. Please help if you can.

Nature Area, Sorry for the short notice but wondering if anyone is free Sunday and would like to help with starting to get our nature area up and running! I am picking up some bat boxes tomorrow and some simple devices to find out if we have any hedgehogs (it’s still mild and Parks Trust would be interested to see if we can record any). Parks trust are also supplying bat boxes and The Wild Bird Cafe are supplying bird food and hedgehog food and a couple of small bird nest boxes to get us started. Would be really, really kind if anyone has a ladder and dosent mind going about 7ft up a tree. All are very welcome of all ages shouldn’t be too long if anyone can help please message, Please come along Sunday 18th at 12.00 at the Caterpillar Park and we can go from there. Really appreciate any help x