GHRA Meeting 20th April 2017

The GHRA committee held another of its monthly meetings on 20th April, this one being for the benefit of the committee and the Court Representatives. These are held bi-monthly between the fully open public meetings to give the reps and committee a chance to discuss matters brought up in open meetings and to clarify what is being done and by whom to take things forward and improve Galley Hill.

During this meeting we heard from a representative of YOURMK to advise us of the regeneration plans for Fullers Slade, which are in the primary consultation phases. They are holding an open discussion at the Rowans Family Centre, Moorfoot, Fullers Slade MK11 2BD on 26/4/2017 for the communities the proposed regenerations will affect to open the discussions. There will be a year long ongoing discussion with residents in affected areas before any decisions are taken, so no firm plans are currently available.
We will have some more information available here soon, but much more is available at YOURMK.CO.UK.

The meeting was then moved along to the matters affecting Galley Hill directly, many of which are still being discussed with the council with no firm commitment from the MKC Council. Among the problems discussed were leaves (cleared now that Spring is here anyway), dog bins (more required on Galley Hill), and the playground areas. On a positive note the Redbourne sign which went missing has been found in Bletchley so should be back in place sometime soon, street lights around the estate seem to be working now, and the GHRA bank account has been agreed, and Roy the treasurer can begin sourcing funding from various bodies for the association to use for the good of Galley Hill.

The coffee mornings on Tuesday mornings (every Tuesday 10 am till 12 at the small meeting place above the shop) have been well received, so a sub committee has been set up to run them more efficiently. There is also some initial planning for more social events to be organised by the GHRA, including possibly a disco, and a celebration of 50 years of Milton Keynes to be held later in the year.

A hot topic of debate was discussed towards the end of the meeting, that of potholes in the roads around Galley Hill. There is a scheme being used in other parts of the UK where quieter areas which have potholes are being repaired by local volunteers. The volunteers are trained, and supplied equipment by the council to do minor pothole repairs on quieter roads. This can be seen as a way of getting the holes filled, or a way for councils to sidestep their responsibilities for which we all pay our rates. There was some very passionate debate on the issue, which looks like it is going to require more input from the residents of Galley Hill to decide.

As is always the case, time ran away, and the meeting was closed leaving some topics for the next meetings. Hopefully speeding cars, parking problems and abandoned cars around the area among other issues can be discussed in the next meeting.

Click for the minutes of this meeting 

As always we are keen to hear from anyone in the area through emails to the reps in the contacts page, our feedback forms, or by commenting here in the comments section.