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Galley Hill Residents Carol Singing

The Galley Hill Residents Carol Singing evening was successfully delivered on Tueday 19th December by the Residents Association and some volunteers. Headed by Roy and Joy from the Galley Hill Residents Association, assisted by Mr. Salter the St. Mary St. Giles School headmaster, and supported by Sue Titchmarsh, Phoebe Titchmarsh, Bianca Titchmarsh and others along the way. Thanks to Dave, our Vice Chair for the pictures and video.

Carol Singing



A big thank you to all who attended and all who supported them around the courts. A special thanks to Sue Fitch who helped organise the event but had to work and missed the actual singing.

Merry Christmas from all at Galley Hill Residents Association and we hope to see more of you getting involved in 2018.

GHRA November Updates

Well here we are at the end of November, and one year since the Galley Hill Residents Association was formed. From an idea Councillor Mick Allsopp had to improve the community we have come a long way in a year, and we will continue to campaign to make Galley Hill the best place it can be.

One of the GHRA projects which is coming to fruition is the bench carving, turning a fallen tree near the park into a bench for the community. An idea which started with Councillor Mick Allsopp (yes him again) who wanted to see the historic old tree remain a part of Galley Hill after it fell. With our treasurer Roy helping to get the funding from the local council, the project is well on the way to completion as you can see below.

Mick Allsopp, Nyomie Flecknell, the carver and Roy Adams with the bench
Mick Allsopp, Nyomie Flecknell, the carver and Roy Adams with the bench

The bench is awaiting some designs from the local school children to finish it off. In addition to the bench there will be a slice of the tree marking historic moments in history coinciding with the rings of the trees growth.

The GHRA are also keen to get the residents involved in creating a community, and are planning events for the future. One of those events is a Christmas carol singing evening being arranged by our secretary Joy Sumner along with two of our Court Reps, Sue Fitch and Kate Nicholls. They are also being supported by the St. Mary St. Giles school choir on the night. There will be posters and fliers around but here is a preview with the details.

It would be great to see some more people out there singing along with them.

Thanks for all the support from everyone over the last 12 months, and we look forward to helping improve our local area and build our community into the future.

The GHRA Committee.

GHRA – What’s Happening

No we haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, it’s just been quiet here because things have been happening behind the scenes. Things like:-

We have been working on making it even easier to contact us at your Residents Association and we now have a new telephone number (thanks Dave) .
Just call on 01908 973073  leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. This is also on our Contacts Page along with all of the other ways for you to get in touch.

Also some of you may have received the GHRA newsletter through your letterbox by now, if not it should be delivered very soon.  GHRA newsletter can be downloaded here if you haven’t received it.  Please take a little time out of your busy days to read it and let us know if there’s anything you liked, or didn’t like about it.  It would be great to hear from people if they have anything they would like to see in the next newsletter, or from any local companies who would like to sponsor a newsletter in the future as they cost money to print. Thanks to the sponsors of this newsletter, AW Diesel Services who paid for the newsletter to be printed for all the  houses in Galley Hill.

We have also finally got the bank account opened after much hard work by our treasurer, Roy who has been trying to get the rest of us to sign forms, which has been like herding cats for him. He has managed it though, and we now need to start filling it with money to spend on local community projects and events, if you feel like donating a little to help with the community events we will shortly have details posted on how you can donate (there is some information on making a donation contained in the newsletter, see the link above).

Plans are in progress for a disco and other events for the local community, but we need to set up insurances before any events can be organised, which again costs money. Hopefully we can get some local government help, but once again donations would help speed things up.
The coffee mornings are still being organised at the small meeting place above the shop every Tuesday morning from 10 am to 12 and all are welcome.

Finally, there is a public meeting of the Galley Hill Residents Association on Thursday 18th May. All Galley Hill Residents are invited to attend to have their say on matters concerning the area.

Thanks for reading this far, The GHRA committee hopes to hear from you soon.

Actions: Committee Meeting #1 Wednesday, 30th November, 2016 (7pm)


Present Absent
NF:  Nyomie Flecknell (Chair)

JS:  Joy Sumner (Secretary)

RA:  Roy Adams (Treasurer)

MA:  Mick Allsopp

DaT: David Tavener

DoT: Doug Titchmarsh

No one



Action On? Date Set Update
Handover discussion for relevant communications Doug T/ Dave T 2016-11-30
Update the constitution as noted in minutes Joy S 2016-11-30
Discuss registering GHRA with the council Nyomie F 2016-11-30
Investigate possibilities for a GHRA domain Doug T 2016-11-30
Investigate options for a GHRA bank account Roy A 2016-11-30
Find volunteers for court reps Dave T 2016-11-30
Scan and circulate email with first copy of Noose Mike A 2016-11-30
Send around date of next SSTC meeting Mike A 2016-11-30
For General Meeting of GHRA, make a list to see if there is interest in a children’s club Nyomie F 2016-11-30
Talk to Sue about the potential for using the school in the summer Nyomie F 2016-11-30
Investigate possible funding for a GH party for MK’s 50th. Mike A 2016-11-30
Book venue for next meeting Mike A 2016-11-30
Update on discussions with Council about making a bench for GH from the tree felled from GH. Mike A 2016-11-30

GHRA Coffee Morning. Tuesday 14th March 2017

Coffee morning imageThank you to everyone who turned up to the GHRA’s second weekly coffee morning for a coffee and chat on Tuesday, we were again very pleased by the response. We are very lucky to have the support of Pastor Kumi and the facilities at the venue, he has confirmed our coffee morning and monthly meeting for the forthcoming year. We hope to develop more ideas that our community can adopt such as social evenings, bingo, whist drive, maybe a disco, anything is possible given time.

Someone asked if they could bring along friends who are not resident on Galley Hill and this of course is most welcome, the more the merrier.

The committee are still seeking court reps and are grateful to Vicky for volunteering to support Redbourne Court, we just need a volunteer for Rovely and Stanbridge now if any of you are keen to help.

We would like to remind everyone that there is a general meeting this Thursday (16th March 2017) at 19:00 in the Galley Hill Small Meeting Place above the shop.

Thanks to everyone who helped out today, hope to see you at one of the Galley Hill coffee mornings soon.

Nyomie, Mick, Roy & David.