Creslow Court Representative

Creslow Court Rep David Taverner           David Tavener

Hi, my name is David Tavener and I live in Creslow Court and have done so since September 1974. My wife Angela and I have raised a family which now includes grandchildren.

We recall those old days when all of our neighbours were as broke as we were and we all traded our skills to fix cars, appliances or furniture. Virtually nothing was new as it was very difficult to get HP or loans, everything had to be paid for with what you had earned, if you didn’t have the money you went without. We also remember interest rates getting to 15% and thinking we would lose our home. We were a genuine community helping each other out and we want to try to restore that goodwill.

We were fortunate as our wonderful new home in Milton Keynes was supported by the Milton Keynes Development Corporation (MKDC), they had vision. Go down memory lane here . Those that followed failed (for whatever reason) to maintain what they inherited. You only have to look around to see the distressed state of our estate and City.

Late in 2016 Mick Allsopp and I decided to try to get the Galley Hill Residents Association up and running to address the neglect we have witnessed. We have been very pleasantly surprised by the response. We have successfully formed an enthusiastic Committee and Court Reps. So far we have held a couple of well supported public meetings. We have a bank account and will soon be formally recognised by Milton Keynes Council.

You can find out more by visiting the Galley Hill Residents Associations Web site www.GHRA.UK generously provided by Doug Titchmarsh. On the contact us page you can find out who is who, the committee and your court rep is, if there isn’t a court rep for you please consider volunteering it won’t be that difficult.

If you support the Galley Hill Residents Association please sign up to the newsletter it will save us printing and distributing information to you. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Internet or email we will still deliver to you. 

If there is a particular issue you want addressing then please let us know or complete this simple form


Stony Stratford Library – Volunteers Needed

This is from the Friends Of Stony Stratford Library, please help if you can.

As you will know, recent cuts in local government spending have meant that Stony Stratford Library has had to reduce its opening hours. In accordance with our mission to promote the interests of library users, FoSSL is seeking, with the support of the Milton Keynes Library Service, to restore the previous opening hours. In particular, we are hoping that the Library will again be able to open at 9 a.m. (Tuesday – Saturday) and to remain open until 7 p.m. on at least one evening per week.

To do this, we need to recruit a team of volunteers to assist users. Volunteers would indicate their availability for particular days and times. FoSSL will then set up a rota of pairs of volunteers to cover the extended opening. All necessary training will be provided.

If you are already convinced that you want to join this team, email to sign up.

If you would like more information, or would like to ask questions, please come to a


Tea, coffee and cakes will be provided.

With best wishes,

The Friends of Stony Stratford Library committee

Friends of Stony Stratford Library – we normally meet at 7pm on the first Tuesday of the month. All welcome.

Please pass on information about the Library to your friends and neighbours.

We are also on Facebook – keep up to date with campaign developments.

GHRA residents meeting 26th January

All are invited to the next residents association for Galley Hill Residents Association. Details below..

GHRA Residents Meeting

19:00hrs on January 26th 2017

@ The Small Meeting Place

(above the Galley Hill Shop)

The Galley Hill Residents Association is holding a public meeting to introduce ourselves, to meet you, and work out together what we can undertake to improve our estate.

Everyone living on Galley Hill is invited to attend.

We hope you can come along and would be grateful if you could confirm attendance either by email or telephone.


Nyomie Flecknell

GHRA Chair.


telephone:        07464 755266

2017 and Galley Hill Residents Association

As 2017 starts, we at the Galley Hill Residents Association are looking forward to this being the year that the residents come together as a community, and make the area known as Galley Hill a better place for all of us to live in and enjoy. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though let’s take a look back at the GH of old with this link to a letter which was sent to a local paper by Galley Hill Resident Doreen Tidy.
his letter mentions the old newsletter “The Noose” which we have a copy of and here is how it used to look (we hope to resurrect The Noose to help keep people in Galley Hill informed alongside this website)

The Noose

So that was the past, what are we looking to do for our future?

Firstly we have formed the committee, and have sent the required forms to the Milton Keynes Council to be recognised as a Residents Association which will give us as a community a little more clout when dealing with the various council departments to get things done!

There is a meeting upcoming in January which you will get details of in a letter delivered by your local court reps, once we have the complete list we will post here for all to see who those court reps are and which court they represent. The meeting will be a chance for you to get to know your Galley Hill Residents Association Committee members and hopefully your court reps.

The big news for all Milton Keynes residents this year is the 50th anniversary of MK being taken from an idea to actual buildings, and as one of the first areas to be built in the new town we feel that Galley Hill should be right there among the celebrations. With that in mind we are hoping to get a bench made from the old tree which fell in the  “new” play area last year. Hopefully that will be just the start of the Galley Hill celebrations, keep an eye here for more details of plans and how you can get involved.

In the meantime, happy new year from the Committe of the Galley Hill Residents Association, we look forward to your support and help in 2017.

Nyomie Flecknell – GHRA Chairperson
Mick Allsop – GHRA Vice Chairperson
Joy Sumner – GHRA Secretary
Roy Adams -GHRA Treasurer

Galley Hill Residents Association Updates 2

The meeting on Thursday the 17th of November was well attended and three people volunteered to form the committee, no doubt they will keep everyone informed of how their plans for the Galley Hill Residents Association are developing.

A second meeting has confirmed the committee and their roles within the residents association. Preparations are underway to formally announce the newly formed association to the Milton Keynes Council and to be recognised by them as a group standing for the Galley Hill community. The committee welcomes your views, suggestions and especially your support to improve all of our area for the benefit of all of the residents.

Galley Hill Residents Association Update 1

Update 1

Those of you with good memories might recall an attempt in 2013 to form a Galley Hill Residents Association. Several of us still think this is a good idea as Galley Hill is looking tired and could do with some TLC.

Mick Allsopp ( Galley Hill Ward Councillor   SSTC ) is organising a meeting at The Galley Hill Small Meeting Place (above the shop) on Thursday the 17th of November at 19:00 to see if we can form a committee to take this forward. Please come along and join us or email to indicate your support if you are unable to attend due to other commitments.

Things we would like to do. (have we missed anything?)

  • discourage noise and antisocial behaviour, let’s be good neighbours    


  • litter, let’s keep Galley Hill in good repair and tidy it will enhance our properties value


  • neighbourhood watch in each court would lower our insurance bills, we also need to discourage drug and alcohol abuse (discarded needles observed in bushes)


  • park your car on your drive, be considerate (don’t risk blocking an ambulance or fire engine)  


  • the grass-crete verge has not been maintained and is failing suggest when council repairs they extend to provide additional parking spaces


  • encourage authorities to trim overgrown trees damaging pathways and blocking street lighting


  • repair and restore each court play area
  • repair and restore Galley Hill meeting place and workshops