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We Need Your Help Too

Please accept our apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy time for everyone and the days just disappeared. We haven’t gone anywhere, and the Galley Hill Residents Association are still working to get things improved in Galley Hill. Following a recent discussion on the Friends Of Galley Hill Facebook group someone asked what is the point of the GHRA if nothing gets cleaned up?

And that is where we will start, we need more of the community to get involved to help us to achieve the changes we all want to see. At our last committee meeting it was suggested we do a monthly litter pick, like the one they have at Fullers Slade which is organised by a local church group who have offered to help GHRA to organise the litter pick. We need volunteers to come forward to help on a weekend for an hour or two once a month.
Could you help?

On the subject of volunteers needed we are currently looking for Court Reps for Stanbridge and Manshead Courts. Being a Court Rep doesn’t have to take a lot of your time, all it entails is the delivery of the Noose newsletter once a month and the odd leaflet drop. Of course if you want to do more then you can attend the committee meetings and bring in the concerns of your neighbours too!

We would also like to remind everyone to be vigilant once again as there have been yet more break-ins in Galley Hill as well as the mugging and an attempted mugging in the area. One involved the theft of car keys, and then the car was stolen, and in a separate incident a garage was broken into, both in Redbourne Court and within a week of each other.
We do have a Neighbourhood Watch in place to help co-ordinate a concerted effort into keeping us all safe, and an idea was raised at a recent meeting to see if we can get help to fund camera doorbells in a few houses around GH. Any other ideas to help prevent the thefts?

Finally a little update on things which are happening. The GHRA have been making a lot of connections over the past year, including working closely with our local Councillors, Mick Allsopp and Paul Bartlett to get our area noticed. Additionally we have been pushing to get the Stony Stratford Town Councillors and various important people from MK Council to our meetings and to listen to the concerns of GH residents. These efforts are starting to yield results, as we recently had Cllr Liz Gifford attend a meeting and take questions from those attending. As a result of this Cllr Gifford raised concerns about missing street signs and as a result the Clailey Court sign was replaced within a few days of her getting involved and following it up (although Redbourne Court still remains anonymous to outsiders despite the sign having gone missing a long time before Clailey Courts).
The tree carving project is getting closer to completion as Roy has been in contact with the St. Mary St. Giles school again to get the final designs from the children to complete the bench.

We have also had Kate Nicholls and Sue Titchmarsh step up to the events team. They are already planning an Easter Egg Hunt in Galley Hill so keep coming back for more information.

To sum it up, to some it may seem that it is all pointless, but in the grand scheme of things GHRA is still taking baby steps, but starting to get noticed by the various bodies who make the decisions. Work is always going on behind the scenes, a lot of hard work by the volunteers behind the GHRA committee and court reps, and if more people come forward to offer any help they can then we will be able to do more for our community, together!

Thanks to all those who volunteer their time, turn up to meetings and help to make our little but important part of Milton Keynes better.

The GHRA Committee

Beware Criminals Again!

As the new year gets going, we wish all the residents of Galley Hill and everywhere else a great 2018.

Unfortunately we have to report that some terrible people have found their way to our area again. We are letting you know so you can be aware and take precautions to remain safe.

The first and possibly most terrible thing we have to report is that an elderly lady was mugged on the Red Routes around Galley Hill. A cyclist rode past her, then came back from behind and took her bag. Fortunately the lady concerned is, despite being small in stature, a tough cookie and while the incident upset her she is physically unharmed and won’t let this stop her being out and about. Another plus in this case is that the police quickly found and caught the mugger.

A second incident involved theft of tools from a van. The vehicle was broken into overnight and a number of tools taken.

A third incident involved an attempt to gain entry to a house on Galley Hill. The potential burglary involved using a flat blade, possibly a screwdriver, to attempt to force open a doir to the property, luckily in this case the attempt was unsuccessful.

Finally we have been made aware of a scam by our neighbours over at Fullers Slade. Helen from Fullers sent me the following after somebody tried this recently.

“Hi all just to remind you all to please ask for ID from anyone that knocks on your door as it came to our ATTENTION that there has been someone going around saying they are working on behalf of the council. If you are not sure about them then close the door, ask them to wait while you phone the company they claim to be from. If this person is GENUINE they will wait, if they go then please report it to the company they say they’re from

While these incidents seem to be on the rise there is no need to worry unnecessarily, just be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police. As always, lock all doors and windows if you are away from your house for any length of time, make it as difficult as possible for these people to gain access to your property. Keep an eye out for each other and stay safe.

Thanks for your support, the Galley Hill Residents Association Committee.

GHRA November Updates

Well here we are at the end of November, and one year since the Galley Hill Residents Association was formed. From an idea Councillor Mick Allsopp had to improve the community we have come a long way in a year, and we will continue to campaign to make Galley Hill the best place it can be.

One of the GHRA projects which is coming to fruition is the bench carving, turning a fallen tree near the park into a bench for the community. An idea which started with Councillor Mick Allsopp (yes him again) who wanted to see the historic old tree remain a part of Galley Hill after it fell. With our treasurer Roy helping to get the funding from the local council, the project is well on the way to completion as you can see below.

Mick Allsopp, Nyomie Flecknell, the carver and Roy Adams with the bench
Mick Allsopp, Nyomie Flecknell, the carver and Roy Adams with the bench

The bench is awaiting some designs from the local school children to finish it off. In addition to the bench there will be a slice of the tree marking historic moments in history coinciding with the rings of the trees growth.

The GHRA are also keen to get the residents involved in creating a community, and are planning events for the future. One of those events is a Christmas carol singing evening being arranged by our secretary Joy Sumner along with two of our Court Reps, Sue Fitch and Kate Nicholls. They are also being supported by the St. Mary St. Giles school choir on the night. There will be posters and fliers around but here is a preview with the details.

It would be great to see some more people out there singing along with them.

Thanks for all the support from everyone over the last 12 months, and we look forward to helping improve our local area and build our community into the future.

The GHRA Committee.

GHRA Updates for November 2017

Although updates have been slow here, behind the scenes it’s a different story as the Galley Hill Residents Association is continuing apace and things are happening in Galley Hill.

The Galley Hill noticeboard in its new home

Firstly, the noticeboard by the school has finally been moved to its new position. Cllr Mick Allsopp and our Chairperson Nyomie were there to see the result of months of badgering the council to get the first of the GHRA projects completed.

We have also seen the bench carving project funded and the carving begun. The bench carving from the fallen tree has begunThe local St. Mary St. Giles school in Galley Hill has been asked to involve the children in designing a theme for the carver to decorate the bench with.

There has also been a very welcome closer relationship between GHRA and both of our Councillors for the area, with all 3 working together to put pressure on the various Councils to get the necessary repairs done in Galley Hill. We are now getting a better response when issues are raised, such as when the park trampoline needed to be repaired. MK Council were contacted by several residents, the case was highlighted to both Councillors by the GHRA, and Mick Allsopp and Paul Bartlett both put additional pressure on the council to get a speedy response.  The same thing happened when the park surfacing material was vandalised, again we had the backing of the councillors and again a prompt response.

Some things however still get short shrift from MK Council such as missing street name signage at Clailey Court and Redbourne Court, potholes, and tree damage to redway paths, despite the concerted efforts by residents, GHRA and our councillors. We continue trying to motivate the Council to stop passing the buck and to carry out much needed repairs around the estate anyway.

Finally we are looking for thesingers among you to volunteer to sing in the carol services being organised by our secretary Joy, and court reps Sue and Kate. They are proposing to hold the carols on Tue, 12th December, starting ~6pm and would also like to hold a general rehearsal on Thurs, 23rd November. Please volunteer if you have the time, contact them by email or 

Thanks for your support from all at GHRA

Galley Hill Bad News Good News

It might seem that lately all we hear is bad news around our estate. Recently more cars have been broken into, we have heard of more houses being burgled, more antisocial behaviour around Galley Hill. Yes, we are afraid that all this is true and all we can do is work together as a community to keep an eye on each other, and watch fir suspicious activity, and help out where we can by reporting it when we spot it.

Having passed on the negativity to all who read this, let’s talk about the positives we have too. Recently somebody on Galley Hill got a stolen bicycle back after posting about the theft in our Facebook group, Friends Of Galley Hill. People are also using the social media pages to alert others of suspicious activity and strangers in the area. Working together we can help to prevent these terrible things from happening (see the links to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme for Galley hill available above this post).

As I walked around the area recently with our dog, it struck me what a beautiful area we live in too. It inspired me to write about the bad so we can also recognise the good stuff and to share the following pictures to prove we do have positives to be proud of..
















As you can see, we do live in a beautiful area, one which we can be proud of, and we should all work together to keep it this way!

If you have any stories, or pictures of the area around Galley Hill to share with us, please get in touch so we can put them here for all of our neighbours to see.

Nominations Needed

We need your help here at Galley Hill Residents Association, we need some new committee volunteers.

  • The deadline for Vice Chair nominations has been pushed back 1 month to August 17th and for election to September, please nominate or volunteer to be our Vice Chair

The Events Organiser position is also up for election in September (nominations need to be in by  August 17th)

  • Please contact us either via court reps or the website if you would like to stand.  You (or a proxy) will have to make a brief speech at the September meeting to support your bid before the meeting and this must be on the website by August committee meeting.
  • Also vote for a new Chairperson in November (nominations must be in by October!)

Please help us to fill these positions, comment below to volunteer or nominate someone before our next meeting on 17th August at the Small Meeting Place above the Galley Hill shop.

GHRA & Local Council Meetings

We just wanted to take a little time to remind you all that this coming week (commencing 17/7/17) we have two important meetings for the residents of Galley Hill, and we would like to see as many people as possible at both of them.

The first is a meeting of the Stony Stratford Town Council on Tuesday 18/7/17 at the Small Meeting Place (above the local shop) from 7pm. Please come to this meeting to have your say while the local Councillors who represent you are there to hear you.

The second meeting is our own Galley Hill Residents Association meeting on Thursday 20/7/17 at the small meeting place, at 7 pm. Again we would like to see as many of the residents of Galley Hill there as we will be voting on a new Vice Chairperson since Mick Allsopp has stepped down from the role.

The Committee of the GHRA

Burglary In Galley Hill

We are sad to report that a resident of Essenden Court, Galley Hill has been burgled. Alongside the usual electronic items which these low life thieves target, the unfortunate victims lost an irreplaceable family heirloom, a bracelet left to the lady of the house by her late mother.

Bracelet stolen in burglary on Galley Hill








If you see a bracelet matching this diamond and sapphire bracelet being offered around for sale, please contact Thames Valley Police or let us know so we can pass any information on to the relevant people.

The burglary occurred while the family was out, and the thieves gained access through an upstairs bedroom window. This is a sad reminder of how we all need to be vigilant and watch out for each other as a community. One of the ways this can be done is through the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme which is being coordinated in Galley Hill by the GHRA Committee’s David Tavener. You can register your interest in the scheme through our Neighbour Hood Watch Survey online form here.

Remember to lock all doors and windows securely before leaving home, and keep an eye out for people acting strangely in the area.

The GHRA Committee